The Battle Continues

Efforts to Preserve the Perryville Battlefield


The Battle of Perryville, fought over 139 years ago, continues to this day. Efforts to preserve the site of the largest battle fought in the state of Kentucky continue, and your help is needed.

This battefield, arguably among the most pristine remaining in the United States, has an energetic and successful preservation organization working to preserve every available acre of the battle -- indeed, a turning point in the western theater of operations. The Perryville Battlefield Preservation Association (PBPA), located in Perryville, Kentucky, has worked wonders protecting vital land interests associated with the battlefield, while working diligently with the Kentucky Park system to add to the original 98-acre state park that encompassed much of the far left of the Federal line. Over 500 acres of additional land have been preserved to date, and much more remains to be done.

See the following guides for more information regarding the PBPA:

How can you help? Keep in touch with the PBPA through this Web site or the PBPA's Web site for the latest in Perryville preservation information. More importantly, visit the Perryville battlefield, not only once, but often. We think that here you will find perhaps the most fascinating, and yet most diverse battlefield you may visit in your Civil War travels. While you are in Perryville, be sure to visit Merchant's Row, in "downtown" Perryville, and stop by the PBPA headquarters and express your support. We know they would love to hear from you.

And finally, remember that insofar as each of our support of preserving our Civil War heritage is concerned, if not now - when? Consecrated battlefield ground, once turned into a golf course, or condominiums, or a business park, is forever gone. Don't let this happen to Perryville. Our time of opportunity is now - let us act upon it.

Thanks for all of your support.

A modern-day view from the Loomis Battery position, looking past the Doctor's Creek viewshed.