The Battle of Perryville
October 8, 1862

Order of Battle

Army of the Ohio

Major General Don Carlos Buell
Major General George H. Thomas

First Army Corps
Major General Alexander McCook


Brigadier General Lovell H. Rousseau

9th Brigade
Col. Leonard Harris
38th Indiana - Col. Benjamin Scribner
2nd Ohio - Lt. Col. John Kell
33rd Ohio - Lt. Col. Oscar F. Moore
94th Ohio - Col. Joseph Frizell
10th Wisconsin - Col. Alfred R. Chapin
Indiana Light Artillery, 5th Battery - Capt. Peter Simonson
17th Brigade
Col. William H. Lytle (wounded)
42nd Indiana - Col. James G. Jones
88th Indiana - Col. George Humphrey
15th Kentucky - Col. Curran Pope
3rd Ohio - Col. John Beatty
10th Ohio - Lt. Col. Joseph Burke
Michigan Light Artillery, 1st Battery - Capt. Cyrus Loomis
28th Brigade
Col. John C. Starkweather
24th Illinois 0 Capt. August Mauff
79th Pennsylvania - Col. Henry Hambright
1st Wisconsin - Lt. Col. George Bingham
21st Wisconsin - Col. Benjamin Sweet
Indiana Light Artillery, 4th Battery - Capt. Asabel Bush
Kentucky Light Artillery, Battery A - Capt. David Stone

Brig. Gen. James S. Jackson (killed)

33rd Brigade
Brig. Gen. William R. Terrill (killed)
80th Illinois - Col. Thomas Allen
123rd Illinois - Col. James Monroe
105th Ohio - Col. Albert Hall
Parson's Battery - Capt. Charles Parsons
34th Brigade
Col. George Webster (killed)
80th Indiana - Lt. Col. Lewis Brook
50th Ohio - Lt. Col. Silas Strickland
98th Ohio - Lt. Col. Christian Poorman
121st Ohio - Col. William Reid
Indiana Light Artillery, 19th Battery - Capt. Samuel Harris

Second Army Corps

Major General Thomas L. Crittenden


Brigadier General William S. Smith

10th Brigade
Col. William Grose
84th Illinois - Col. Louis Wates
36th Indiana - Lt. Col. O.H.P. Carey
23rd Kentucky - Lt. Col. J. Jackson
6th Ohio - Col. N.L. Anderson
24th Ohio - Lt. Col. Frederick Jones
4th U.S. Artillery, Battery H - Lt. S. Canby
4th U.S. Artillery, Battery M - Capt. J. Mendenhall
19th Brigade
Col. William B. Hazen
110th Illinois - Col. Thomas Casey
9th Indiana - Col. William Blake
6th Kentucky - Col. Walter Whittaker
27th Kentucky - Col. C.D. Pennybaker
41st Ohio - Lt. Col. George Mygatt
1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery F - Capt. Daniel Cockerill
22nd Brigade
Brig. Gen. Charles Cruft
31st Indiana - Lt. Col. John Osborn
1st Kentucky - Lt. Col. David Enyart
3nd Kentucky - Col. Thomas Sedgewick
20th Kentucky - Lt. Col. Charles S. Hanson
90th Ohio - Col. Isaac Ross
1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery B - Capt. William Standart
2nd Kentucky Cavalry - Lt. Col. Thomas Cochran

Brigadier General Horatio P. Van Cleve

11th Brigade
Col. Samuel Beatty
79th Indiana - Col. Frederick Knefler
9th Kentucky - Lt. Col. George Cram
13th Kentucky - Lt. Col. J.B. Carlile
19th Ohio - Lt. Col. E.W. Hollingsworth
59th Ohio -- Col. James P. Fyffe
14th Brigade
Col. Pierce Hawkins
44th Indiana - Col. Hugh Reed
86th Indiana - Col. Orville Hamilton
11th Kentucky - Lt. Col. S.P. Love
26th Kentucky - Col. Cicero Maxwell
13th Ohio - Col. J.G. Hawkins
23rd Brigade
Col. Stanley Matthews
35th Indiana - Col. Bernard Mullen
8th Kentucky - Col. Sidney Barnes
21st Kentucky - Col. S. Woodson Price
51st Ohio - Lt. Col. Richard McClain
99th Ohio - Lt. Col. John Cummins
Indiana Light Artillery, 7th Battery - Lt. Alanson Stevens
Wisconsin Light Artillery, 3rd Battery - Capt. Lucius Druy

Brigadier General Thomas J. Wood

15th Brigade
Brig. Gen. Milo S. Haskall
100th Illinois - Col. Frederick Bartleson
17th Indiana - Lt. Col. George Gorman
58th Indiana - Col. George Buell
3rd Kentucky - Lt. Col. William Scott
26th Ohio - Maj. Chris Degenfeld
Indiana Light Artillery, 8th Battery - Lt. George Estep
20th Brigade
Col. Charles G. Harker
51st Indiana - Col. Abel Streight
73rd Indiana - Col. Gilbert Hathaway
13th Michigan - Lt. Col. F.W. Worden
64th Ohio - Col. John Ferguson
65th Ohio - Lt. Col. William Young
Ohio Light Artillery, 6th Battery - Capt. Cullen Bradley
21st Brigade
Col. George D. Wagner
15th Indiana - Lt. Col. Gustavus Wood
40th Indiana - Col. John Blake
57th Indiana - Col. Cyrus Hines
24th Kentucky - Col. Lewis Grigsby
97th Ohio - Col. John Lane
Indiana Light Artillery, 10th Battery - Capt. Jerome Cox
Colonel Edward McCook's Cavalry Brigade
2nd Indiana - Lt. Col. Robert Stewart
1st Kentucky - Col. Frank Wolford
4rd Kenucky - Col. Eli Murry
7th Pennsylvania - Maj. John Wynkoop
1st Michigan Engineers and Mechanics - Col. William Innes
1st Ohio Cavalry - Maj. James Laughlin
3rd Ohio Cavalry - Maj. John Foster
Third Army Corps

Major General Charles C. Gilbert


Brigadier General Albin Schoepf

1st Brigade
Col.Moses B. Walker
82nd Indiana - Col. Morton Hunter
12th Kentucky - Col. William Hoskins
17th Ohio - Col. John Connell
31st Ohio - Lt. Col. Frederick Lister
38th Ohio - Lt. Col. William Choate
2nd Brigade
Brig. Gen. Speed Fry
10th Indiana - Col. William Kise
74th Indiana - Lt. Col. James Kerr
4th Kentucky - Col. John Croxton
10th Kentucky - Lt. Col. William Hays
14th Ohio - Lt. Col. George Este
3rd Brigade
Brig. Gen. James B. Steedman
87th Indiana - Col. Kline Shryock
2nd Minnesota - Col. James George
9th Ohio - Lt. Col. Charles Joseph
35th Ohio - Col. Fredinand Van Derveer
18th US - Maj. Frederick Townsend
Michigan Light Artillery, 4th Battery - Capt. J.W. Church
1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery C - Capt. D.K. Southwick
4th U.S. Battery I - Lt. Frank Smith

Brigadier General Robert B. Mitchell

30th Brigade
Col. Michael Gooding
59th Illinois - Maj. Joshua Winters
75th Illinois - Lt. Col. John Bennett
22nd Indiana - Lt. Col. Squire Keith
Wisconsin Light Artillery, 5th Battery - Capt. Oscar Pinney
31st Brigade
Col. William P. Carlin
21st Illinois - Col. John Alexander
38th Illinois - Maj. Daniel Gilmer
101st Ohio - Col. Leander Stem
15th Wisconsin - Col. Hans Christian Heg
Minnesota Light Artillery, 2nd Battery - Capt. William Hotchkiss
32nd Brigade
Col. William W. Caldwell
25th Illinois - Lt. Col. James McClelland
35th Illinois - Lit. Col. William Chandler
81st Indiana - Lt. Col. John Timberlake
8th Kansas - Lt. Col. John Martin
Wisconsin Light Artillery, 8th Battery - Capt. Stephen Carpenter
36th Illinois Cavalry, Company B - Capt. Samuel Sherer

Brigadier General Philip H. Sheridan

35th Brigade
Lt. Col. Bernard Laiboldt
44th Illinois - Capt. Wallace Barrett
73rd Illinois - Col. James Jaques
2nd Missouri - Capt. Walter Hoppe
15th Missouri - Maj. John Weber
36th Brigade
Col. Daniel McCook
85th Illinois - Col. Robert Moore
86th Illinois - Col. David Irons
125th Illinois - Col. Oscar Harmon
52nd Ohio - Lt. Col. Daniel Cowen
37th Brigade
Col. Nicholas Grousel
36th Illinois - Capt. Silas Miller
88th Illinois - Col. Francis Sherman
21st Michigan - Col. Ambrose Stevens
24th Wisconsin - Col. Charles Larrabee
2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Battery I - Capt. Charles Barnett
1st Missouri Light Artillery, Battery G - Capt. Hentry Hescock
Captain Ebenzer Gay's Cavalry Brigade
9th Kentucky - Lt. Col. John Boyle
2nd Michigan - Lt. Col. Archibald Campbell
9th Pennsylvania - Lt. Col. thomas James

Order of Battle compiled from Battles & Leaders as well as Hafendorfer's Perryville: Battle for Kentucky.